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The Menu

Guests anticipate a delectable menu or specialities of the house especially designed for each event. The ambience of the restaurant is enhanced with an exhibition by a talented Blue Mountains artist. The crème de la crème is musical interlude by a soloist or duo.

Apéritif with the Artist
The Musician
The Chef


The Artist

High profile artists from the Greater Blue Mountains region showcase a suite of artworks in concert with the theme. The artist opens their exhibition, which usually stays in place for the following month. All artworks are for sale.


The Musician

The finale is a concert style performance by Blue Mountains musicians, whose selections of music and song enhances the theme of each event, and ends your Art of Lunch on a perfect note.


The Chef

Let the culinary skills of some of our local chefs delight your palate. Food preparation can be a highly creative art form, both beautiful and delicious. Hear what inspires some of the best chefs in the region and delight in what they create for your dining experience.


The Venues

Select your Art of Lunch experience from the interesting and diverse choices offered by the different venues.  Purchase an Early Bird or Group Booking Ticket Special to enjoy the array of sensory pleasures that each of the venues has on its Menu. There will be monthly changes of theme, food, music and art, so keep a keen eye on the calendar.


Art and Music

The selection of artworks on display is professionally managed by gallery owners and art curators working together with well known artists from the region. The music is curated by a leading Blue Mountains specialist who is tuned in to an incredible contact list of musicians of all genres.

The Art of Lunch Team

Three Mountains creatives joined forces to form Earthly Delights Events Pty Ltd and launch their project The Art of Lunch. The team are Susan Cochrane, Artistic Director, who creates imaginative, site-specific art events in iconic locations; Meg Benson, the Music Hunter, renowned music curator of events such as Katoomba Live and Local, and Brad Diedrich, web developer and founder of Blue Mountains Live.


What People are Saying

“A Great Idea”

Art of Lunch is a new event designed to stimulate growth in cultural and hospitality enterprises and expand capacity for Blue Mountains based talent in the region.”

Ann Niddre BMEE,

“Fabulous food & Art & Music”

Ad looks amazing and the image you guys have come up with is so good.

The Haze Magazine

“Thanks for being fair”

Thanks so much for being upfront with what you pay musicians, actors and artists in Art of Lunch. I can’t tell you how rare that is,  we really appreciate it. 

Joce Moen



Tibetan Throat Singers

Art of Lunch

The Art of Lunch is a signature event created by Earthly Delights Events designed as a feast for all the senses. It takes place in the Greater Blue Mountains, on the last Sunday each month from May until October each year at select venues.

Hours of Operation

1:00 - 3:00pm


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