Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Shampooing Vs Steam Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a very common service offered in many homes. Carpet cleaning, also known as spot cleaning or upholstery cleaning, involves the cleaning of your carpets, upholstered furniture, drapery, drapes, blinds, wall coverings, floor covering, rugs, and other fabric accessories. carpet cleaning is done to remove allergens, dirt, and stains from carpets. Common methods used include spot cleaning, hot water extraction, steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and vacuum cleaning.

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Spot cleaning, sometimes called hot spot cleaning, is an all-natural method that is safe for your pets and children, as well as removing potential allergens. Hot water extraction uses a carpet cleaner fluid that is heated so it will break down the grease and dirt. The cleaner fluid also contains a detergent that will help get rid of germs and bacteria.

Spun carpet cleaning method is a method of carpet cleaning that utilizes a rotating pad. The pad spins and drags across the surface of the carpet. This action helps loosen soil particles that can become stuck in the pile. A rotating pad can be manual or motorized, depending on how much time and effort you want to save.

Carpet shampooing is another common carpet cleaning service. In carpet shampooing, a carpet cleaner will spin a jet of hot water and sprinkle a lubricant over the carpet. This lubricant helps lift dirt and soil particles that can become stuck in the pile. Afterwards, the shampooer will extract the liquid through a strainer and vacuum the residue away.

Encapsulation method is also commonly used. It uses a special carpet shampoo that encapsulates dirt and soil particles inside the carpet. The encapsulation process does not require a heat source or detergent, making it a green cleaning alternative for busy household. Some commercial cleaning companies also use encapsulation to clean carpets that are too dirty to clean with regular shampooing. They can also make the carpet look cleaner and glossier.

Carpet encapsulation requires minimal upkeep, since it dissolves once it gets wet. You just need to occasionally run your vacuum cleaner over the carpet to remove loose dirt and residue. With less water cleaning required, encapsulation is the best method of carpet cleaning. Save money with less water cleaning, plus more convenience.

If detergent-based carpet cleaning products do not work, you might try cold water extraction. This is sometimes referred to as hot water extraction. With hot water extraction, the detergent molecules are allowed to penetrate the carpet fibers. Once inside, the dirt gets extracted through the detergent molecules. This is the most effective method of carpet cleaning.

There are still many other methods that you may consider when cleaning your carpet. For more information, you can always ask the carpet cleaners for tips and advice. Keep in mind that most professional cleaners will suggest that you mix up your preferred cleaning products to make sure you do not waste too much time in the drying or cleaning process.