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Cricket helmets were first developed in the early 20th century. It was the aura of popularity that prompted the manufacturers to produce them with a complete set of protective head gears. The first models were made for batsmen and runners, but the demand for them among all the other players was high and so they were introduced as official head gears with each team. The cricket industry has become huge and there are many companies who manufacture cricket helmets and cricket equipment. A complete Western Sports Centre helmet is one that is lightweight, cool, comfortable and most importantly it has air vents at the back which provide proper ventilation.

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One can purchase a batting or a fielding cricket helmet with any name brand and as per their requirements. There are many brands like Nike, Adidas, Kookaburra, Star, Puma etc that manufacturer the cricket helmets. These brands offer quality products and also the ones that are very popular with cricketers and other sports enthusiasts. Cricket fans can choose from a range of different styles that are available such as those that are entirely made using the leather material. Other ones are manufactured using mesh materials and other synthetic materials.

The other type of cricket helmet is the cricket helmet with a shell. This is basically a cricket bat without a leather lining. This is because the players find it difficult to bat without wearing gloves, which often results in friction and scratching. So they use the shells that come with the bats. The shells are made of carbon fiber and/or Kevlar.

For a batsman, a proper cricketing helmet must be of good quality and it should have the necessary features that would make it easy for the batsman to hit the ball. It should have proper vents which allow fresh air to enter the head and should also have lots of air circulation. It is compulsory for the batsman to wear a cricketing helmet that has a hard plastic shell and this makes it very comfortable for the batsman.

The other kind of cricket helmet is the traditional style. As compared to a baseball or a basketball helmet, this one is not only safer but also easier to adjust for any weather condition. The traditional style of a cricket helmet is made up of a steel grille which is attached to the top of the head with the help of straps. These straps are adjusted according to the height of the player. It has no visor and is quite lightweight and comes with a chin strap as well.

The best part of the traditional style is that it has very few accessories and that includes a nice looking carbon fibre grill. Grill is placed on the top of the head over the eyes and provides excellent ventilation. But there are many other accessories available as well as full face helmets, cricket helmets with shell, reinforced cheek pads, full face gel helmets, etc. All these helmets are made from the same quality materials. Some of these accessories include removable mouth pieces, chin straps, extra padding and mesh pads. A cricket helmet can protect a player from all kinds of injuries.