Helpful Tips for Wollongong Businesses to find the right SEO Keywords

A drive by car to the city of Wollongong from Sydney takes only about an hour, though a train or bus ride may take longer. Either way, it is easily accessible via road and railway from other parts of New South Wales. The place is well-known for its port activities, heavy industries, coal mining, beautiful beaches and sunsets, university, and heritage sites. The natural beauty of the city and its suburbs, its multicultural ambience, and the people’s relaxed lifestyle attract many travellers to the area. Wollongong is the third-largest city in New South Wales. Because of the tourists that flock to the area, its food and entertainment industries are well-developed.  A range of theatre productions are regularly offered at Wollongong’s Illawarra Performing Arts Centre (IPAC).

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For any business in a place like Wollongong with a multicultural ambience and a popular tourism industry, choosing the right keyword is very important for successful search engine optimization. Finding the right keywords need not be a tough task if you follow our guidelines outlined below.

How to find the Right Keywords for SEO

Getting the right keyword is the first step toward optimizing a site because it is the primary link that connects a visitor’s need to what the website has to offer. SEO Keywords are the right scent that the websites should send out for the antennae of the search engines to pick up.

1.   Use Area-Specific Keywords

The first thing that a site owner should do to select the right keyword is to put him or herself in the customers’ shoes. Suppose you have a holiday resort to advertise. You must consider how you would search for a holiday resort if you were the customer. ‘Holiday resort’ may be a good keyword that would show you hundreds of results but trying to find the right resort from the heap would be like searching for a pearl in an ocean.

SEO Keywords need to be more area-specific like “Holiday resorts in New South Wales”. But New South Wales itself is too big, so that it would be better to name a specific area in the state where the resort should be. A better example could be “Holiday resorts in Wollongong.” And when you think of it, the word ‘holiday’ is redundant because it will play no role in locating a resort. So, it is better to remove it. Like that, the words need to be alternately chiselled and padded till the right combination is reached.

2.   Employ Keyword Research Tools

There are SEO keyword research tools that will help you in choosing the right keywords. However, to use the tool, you should know the target niche correctly. If you are advertising a resort, you should first study the target tourist community who are likely to visit that place. If the place is a trekker’s paradise, it is better to add the word ‘trekking’ to the keyword.

3.   Interact with your Target Audience

To select a more effective SEO keyword, you should interact with the target customer group by joining their discussion forums, ‘question and answer’ groups like Quora, or social networking groups to understand their predilections. Knowing the buyer personae and the jargon that the buyer community uses will help significantly in choosing the right keyword. The words picked up through the interactions with potential customers are the ‘seed keywords’ that can be accommodated in different combinations on your website’s different pages.

4.   Try using Long-Tail Keywords

Some SEO keywords may increase the traffic to your Wollongong business website. However, the visits may not end up in conversion. This means that too few of the multitudes of visitors who visit your website would buy the product or use the services offered. Such a situation could hint at keyword weakness, though it could be due to other reasons as well. In such cases, you should ideally try to use longer or long-tail keywords, which are being searched by customers for a specific service. For example, “cheap holiday resort Wollongong” could be a great keyword as customers may be looking for inexpensive holiday resorts in the area.

Final Words

Keyword research is really the first step you could take in boosting the SEO ranking of your site. If you align your business website to meet the search queries of your target customers, then getting organic traffic isn’t hard. In the case of Wollongong, since it is a small 220.9 sq. miles area, adding the word ‘Wollongong’ to the keyword could help in guiding people to the city’s businesses.